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Cannabis – Some Observations

Cannabis Plant

Ganga, bush, blow, black, grass, hash, herb, skunk, whacky backy; some of the street names for this class “B” controlled drug. Cannabis can be found in three different forms: hash or cannabis resin which is more rarely found these days; cannabis oil which is a yellowy/brownish sort of oil and, the far more common weed, Read More »

Legal Advice Before Giving a Breath, Blood or Urine Sample?

Attorney On Phone

Section 58(1) of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE) gives a person arrested, and then detained at a police station, an absolute right to consult a solicitor if he/she requests to do so. That request is a demand which the police cannot ignore. They must, therefore, permit a consultation “as soon as is Read More »

Drink Driving – Urine Specimens

Drink Driving Specimens

If you are suspected of drink driving then normally, following arrest and transport to the nearest police station, you will be required to provide two specimens of breath on an evidential breath testing machine. The result will be available within minutes and will either lead to “Charge” (if you are over the limit), or release Read More »

Drug Driving – How Long Before my Blood is Analysed

Man Drug Driving

I have lost count of the number of anxious clients who have telephoned me, asking how long it will be before the police provide the results of their blood sample analysis. The scenario will have been that blood was taken at a police station or hospital. At the end of that unpleasant procedure, the investigating Read More »

Drink Driving – Think Before You Plead!

drink driving

Having spent over 25 years in courts all over the country it has always surprised me how, on a daily basis, I see otherwise intelligent people throw away their driving licence after having had that extra drink before driving. I’m further surprised to see how willing they are to simply plead guilty without legal advice and Read More »

Blood Specimens Taken at Hospital Cases

Man In Hospital

The obtaining of blood (occasionally urine), specimen at a hospital can be a minefield for the police. Part of the reason for this is because hospital cases are not the norm for officers investigating a suspected drink driving or drug driving case and as with anything else, the more a person does something the more Read More »

Drug Driving Acquittal

Court Room

My client, an 18-year-old man of impeccable character, had been stopped by the police shortly after midnight, on suspicion of drug driving. They alleged – though my client denied this – that he had been speeding and that his car had been weaving in the carriageway. A roadside drugs test apparently revealed cannabis in his Read More »

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