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Julian Harris has been an advocate for over 35 years.
Take a look at some of his videos below which may help with your case.
Drink Driving
Drug Driving
Consequences of Drink/Drug Conviction
How to Choose an Effective Drink/Drug Driving Lawyer
What Should I Do if Stopped by Police?
Should I Plead Guilty?
Defences to a Drink/Drug Driving Charge
Challenges to a Drink/Drug Driving Specimen Analysis
Failing to Provide an Evidential Specimen
Appealing the Ban
Reducing the Ban
Drink Driving Police Mistakes
Drink Driving - Shortness of Distance Driven
Drink Driving - Emergency
Drink Driving - Laced Drinks
How can a Drink/Drug Driving Lawyer Become More Effective?
Why did you Specialise as a Drink/Drink Driving Lawyer?

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