Drug Driving What you Should do now




If you are waiting for the results of a blood analysis, or been charged with the section 5A offence of driving with or attempting to drive with excess levels of a specified drug (cannabis, cocaine, etc.,); or perhaps been charged with the old section 4 offence of driving whilst unfit, then you require to find out URGENTLY whether or not the allegation can be defended. If a lawyer can offer the following then you may think that it would be wise to speak to he or she,

1. initial ‘phone advice given free of charge;

2. Available to speak to clients 7 days a week, 365 days a year between 8.00 AM and 8.00 PM;

3. A specialist drug and drink driving advocate of 36 years experience who has practiced for 36 years in the Magistrates and latterly the Crown Court, and has experience of both the High Court and Court of Appeal;

4. A lawyer who will have total and sole control of your case and who will be the one who takes your call at 12.00 midday on a Saturday. In other words a lawyer who is available at your convenience and not the other way around;

5. A lawyer who has an impressive list of references form satisfied clients and who has ready access to expert witnesses , at the cuttingedge of their respective professions.

If you want all of the above qualities in the lawyer whom you instruct, then call now on 07786 709 403 for a few minutes, no obligation, free legal advice. You have absolutely nothing to lose by making that first call!



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