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Rimas – Essex

My charge was drink driving and the police said I was nearly three times over the breath limit. You challenged the working of the machine and police procedures and told me that I should go to trial. The prosecution then dropped the case. Innocent as charged and I got costs! I don’t know how you Read More »

James – Bedford

I was pulled over and tested positive for driving under the influence of cannabis. After receiving my results just over a month later, I was charged and bailed to court. The reason I chose you was due to the very straightforward honest approach you had. Throughout the whole process you stayed in regular contact, always Read More »

Chinedu – Lewisham

Thank you for a fantastic job. I was charged with failing to provide an evidential sample but the court “kicked it out” when you pointed out that the police had messed the procedure up. I’m a free man – no ban – no fine and I got my costs. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Patrick – Aylesbury

How can I begin thanking you for all your hard work in getting me a “not guilty” ruling on my failing to provide a breath sample case at court. The work which went in to it was huge and you were always there to speak to me about progress. The expert you put my way Read More »

Kunwarjit – Hounslow

I was charged with driving with excess alcohol in blood (161). I had always denied the allegation and we recently went to court for the second time. The prosecution had again failed to get all the essential material to prove their case after you insisted that they do this. The magistrate’s would not allow the Read More »

David – South Devon

The police had charged me with being almost twice over the drink drive limit. Thanks to you and our expert the magistrate’s accepted that my “hip flask” defence was true, which it was. I’m overjoyed and if ever in this position again then you will be the first person I’ll call.

Adam – Lutterworth

How can I express my thanks for your wonderful efforts in winning my case? I was charged with having failed to provide an evidential blood specimen at hospital following a road traffic accident. You managed to show that the police had made major procedural errors and my “loophole” (your “loophole”) defence did the trick – Read More »

Gediminas – Essex

I was charged with drink driving (159 in urine) and had to go to court. I do not know how you managed it completely, but the prosecution dropped the case at court. I cannot thank you enough for all your help and truly professional work on my case. I can now get on with my Read More »

Carlos – South London

Thank you for your impeccable professionalism and availability in helping me secure a very positive result at our recent hearing in court. This is something that would undoubtedly have been more challenging without your valuable experience and assistance. 

Joel – Wolverhampton

I came to you in stress as someone to give me clear cut advice. My case with your expert help, on demand guidance and support. With your meticulous efforts, the end result was far beyond more than expected. Thank you. I only wished I had come to you earlier.

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